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Living Memorials

Memorial Rose Bed

The new rose bed has a variety of roses to choose from, once in bloom the area will be alive with colour. The purchase of each rose will entitle you to a granite plaque which measures 6” x 4”. Our Memorial Rose Bed is adjacent to the scattering lawns.

Family Gardens

Private beds have been especially created to provide a natural setting for memorials.

Family gardens are dedicated to one family and allow the burial of up to four sets of ashes. Each garden is individually planted and provides a distinct, private area for you to visit and tend.


A variety of trees have been planted in our garden of remembrance to provide a living, natural memorial. In some places, private planting areas can be created underneath the tree to create a unique memorial.

Communal Shrub Beds

Shrubs and bushes provide a traditional form of remembrance.
They have been arranged in communal beds into which dedication plaques may be placed. Cremated remains of loved ones may be scattered nearby.